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The Bible 101    by Jewels Prophet Price: $2.99 USD. 13800 words. Published on November 7, 2012. Nonfiction.
I have heard it said that the letters B-I-B-L-E is an acronym for Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth. In order to allow the reader to come to their own conclusions reconciling them to Truth, I will define the Bible in the following general terms. The Bible is a manual, a roadmap, a dietary menu, and a communications directory. These precepts will be explored within the pages of this book.
Sacrificial Love 101    by Jewels Prophet
Price: $2.99 USD. 6750 words. Published on November 6, 2012. Nonfiction.

The word love has been misused in so many different ways and has various meanings to many different individuals. This small, four-letter word has been reduced to topics of sacrilege and debate rather than an experience.
Memory 101    by Jewels Prophet
Price: $2.99 USD. 6410 words. Published on September 1, 2012. Nonfiction.

Some memories are not only a hindrance to Divine Union, but some memories are hindrances to anyone who wants to climb the ladder to perfection as a Christ which ultimately leads to Divine Union.
Divine Law 101    by Jewels Prophet
Price: $2.99 USD. 6580 words. Published on August 30, 2012. Nonfiction.

The Original Law was perfectly given and received in its purity in order to bring the people into perfection, godly knowledge and Perfect Mind with the Creator. Moses, intending to eradicate the imperfections and protect those put under his care, ordained for them a second Law.
101 Things I AM    by Jewels Prophet
Price: Free! 1950 words. Published on August 25, 2012. Nonfiction.

Christ proclaimed that I AM the Way, Truth and Light, in me is Life! I AM come to give you life and life more abundantly! Life is available to all that believe.
Rapture 101    by Jewels Prophet
Price: $2.99 USD. 8450 words. Published on August 25, 2012. Nonfiction.

False Christ and false prophets or antichrists will arise showing signs and wonders, so as to mislead, if possible, the Elect. “Therefore, if they say to you he is in the wilderness do not go, He is in the inner rooms, don't believe them. He will send forth His angels with a great trumpet and they will gather together His Elect from the four winds. Then they who are alive and remain shall be cau
Soul 101    by Jewels Prophet
Price: $2.99 USD. 6430 words. Published on August 25, 2012. Nonfiction.

Only in physical form can we function on the earth. Matter, therefore, took on form becoming the manifestation of the Pure Invisible Energy of the First Principle of Life. Mankind is that First Principle of Life--“you are gods”, created in the Image and Likeness of the Divine Creator. Therefore, a physical body had to be created in order to house the Image and Likeness which is Soul.
The Walls We Build    by Jewels Prophet
Price: $3.99 USD. 19330 words. Published on June 4, 2011. Nonfiction.

The Walls We Build is a personal experience interwoven within sound biblical truths. The book breaks down false and erroneous teachings traditionally taught in orthodox Christianity regarding sex, marriage, and divorce. In a simple realistic way it describes dysfunctions, how to identify if one has built a dysfunctional wall and tells how Spirit was the primal agent to be set free.
Third Day Sons    by Jewels Prophet
Price: $4.95 USD. 48620 words. Published on June 4, 2011. Nonfiction.

The revelations contained within this book are designed as a training tool for those of whom YHVH has Ordained to 'rule' in the Kingdom Age--a collection of prophetic symbolism, metaphors and prophetic euphemisms designed to draw one into Sonship and Divine Union now! GOD's original design for man was to reflect His glory in man and the world. This book offers steps on how to achieve this.
Women In Ministry    by Jewels Prophet
Price: $3.99 USD. 20340 words. Published on June 3, 2011. Nonfiction.

Male spiritual leaders often see women as usurping the authority of men. Many have taken the text, “Let your women keep silence in the church”, completely out of context as this book will show. It is time that we begin to realize that the Creator fashioned a species called man. From that man made male and female. Ones Election and anointing should be the determining factor in those who preach.

Do Whatever Your Heart Tells You

Hello All and .Nameste,

Yes, it has been a while, however, I have found out that making your mark, or using some of Gary Vay.ner.chuk' terminologies, 'building your personal brand', 'Digging Your Internet Trench', 'Choose Your Platform',  'crush it', and just learning how to maneuver your way around all the many excellent social media sites, the phrase all-consuming feeling' is a gross understatement, Gary!  Not only are there many sites one must research fumbling through their very wordy and technical agreements of which many beat-around-the-bush and do not answer the most basic questions, leaves you , most often looking for a book among the thousands called 'Social media A, B C's for Dummies'.  Sheesk!

I am grateful that I was blessed with a lot of common sense.  I would be totally and thoroughly bewildered not just bewildered.  So, the bottom line is, no matter what social media you become a part of and no matter what groups you become a part of and no matter who you list with, there is always another author who has paid through the nostrils who takes top billing.  So then, just do what you can and do it well.  Believe me there is always something to do.  Therefore, whatever you feel within your heart, do it!

Shalom Blessings Agape!

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AUTHORS SPOT - JEWELS PROPHET: BOOKS BY JEWELS PROPHET: "Hello, Shalom, Nameste I decided to add this page because first, I am totally lost when it comes to the internet and I am in the learni..."


Hello, Shalom, Nameste

 I decided to add this page because first, I am totally lost when it comes to the internet and I am in the learning stage.  Secondly, I do have something to say of interest.  Thirdly, I want to make it easy for anyone to view and purchase my books.  Also, to make it as  easy  as possible to find  them among all of the other very well written books out there by people just like you!

I am not certain how I want to do this so here goes...

My books can be found at both my publisher, Accent Digital Publishing @, of which the mailing time and availability is right now or one can order from Amazon who must order from my publisher and the wait is two weeks, I've heard.  Wow, two whole weeks.  Why that's long enough time to make the most avid reader change their mind.

Anyway, lets see how this is going to go!